A Giant Consumer's DNA

Mixed media installation

Artificial hair, mirrors, lamps

Acrylic on canvas

Following up on the organic and aesthetic approach of ‘NU Cell’, ‘A giant consumer’s DNA’ contains rectangular paintings as an alternative way of mirroring the viewer, as a NU portraiture framed by strands of artificial hair. They inject colour into the installation.


A new dialogue is thus created between the wavy curls of the hanging hair and the circular brushstroke movement traced on the canvas.

The idea of using hair was instinctively triggered in my mind by the theme of consumption of the group show I took part in.

The mirror becomes a focal point in the installation that breaks ‘the fourth wall’ aiming to engage the viewer directly.


Adding to this framework, the sketchbook stands as an autonomous call to introspection. 

A Giant Consumer's DNA, Cookies+Coke Sho

A Giant Consumer's DNA on view at Art Number 23

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