b. 1960, South Korea

Lives and works in London and Copenhagen



2018 - 2019

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, London, United Kingdom


Art Student League, New York, USA 


Ecoles D'Art Internationals, De Fontainbleu, France

1986 - 1990

BA Fine Art, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Shows

2020 ‘Home’, Project presented by Skipwiths, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK


2019, ‘Symbiosis’, Skipwiths, Saatchi Gallery, London UK


2016 ‘Inner light’, Gallery Gongsan, Daegu, Korea


2015 Space of Being II’, Gallery Gongsan, Daegu, Korea

2012 Art Show Busan, Busan, Korea ‘Space of Being’, Gallery Gongsan, Daegu, Korea


2008 ‘Talking Pillow’, Boundary Project, London, UK


2005 Ansung Juksan International Art Festival, Ansung, Korea


2002 ‘Black Pulse’, Copenhagen Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark                       Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden


2001 Galeri Frahm, Copenhagen, Denmark Henning Art Fair, Henning,                Denmark Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden


2000 Copenhagen Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark

         Galeri Frahm, Copenhagen, Denmark


1999 Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

         ‘Sarina’, Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York, USA


1998 ‘Breath’, Galerie Luc Queyrel, Paris, France

         Museum of Contemporary Art, Washington D.C., USA

         Stefan Peter & Mark Irizarry, New York, USA


1997 ‘Cyclorama’, Gallery Palco, Cologne, Germany


1996 ‘Inner View’, Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea


1994 ‘Orgasm I’, Artsphere Gallery, Seoul, Korea

         ‘Orgasm II: the nature’, Broome Street Gallery, New York, USA

Selected Group Shows


2020 Mosaic Art & Music focus on Kusama & CEVIGA, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Monaco


2019 MFA degree show, Chelsea School of Art, London, UK


2019 London Art Fair, Islington Design Centre, London, UK


2020 ‘Korean Eye: Korean Contemporary Art’, published by Skira, edited by Serenella Ciclitira


2020 ‘Home’, accompanying catalogue, Foreward written by Heejin No, text written by Marcelle Joseph. ‘Interview’, written by Ruth Millington


2011 “My canvas is an instrument reflecting inner voice”, Yeongnam Daily, 25 October

        “Life, Cosmic Energy, Unconsciousness - Esthetics of Abstract”,  Yeongnam Daily, 22 October 1999 “Voksevaeker” POLITIKEN 2 SEKTION, December


1998 “Reviews: recent exhibitions, Paek Kyung Ok” ARTICULATE, Issue NO.29 “An Artist’s Breath of Life at MOCA” written by Ferdinando Protzmann (Washington Post, May 28)




Private collections in UK, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Romania, US, Colombia, Korea and etc.

Doron Livnat collection, Israel Serenella and David Ciclitira collection, UK


Remark 2002 Most of Ceviga’s artworks were lost in fire accident in Denmark.

Artist Statement

I see sound, I hear textures, I touch smell.

I aim to stimulate viewers’ introspection by depicting the relations between human consciousness of the self and the wider world.   


My artwork is the imaginary visualisation of the in-betweenness: sensorial - conceptual; inbreath - outbreath; always at the intersection between my own identity and the social context in which I exist. Body and soul are inextricably linked in my work and translated as abstractions of cells animated by layers of vivid colours though a gestural technique.

My instinctive drawings are like a child in a mother’s womb swaying to the rhythm produced by the touch and sound of my pencil lines and brushstrokes. 


Through installations, I reveal the act of playing with physical textures, volumes, weights, adding an extra spatial dimension to my art. They incorporate industrial materials or household-designed objects of daily use into a perpetual dialogue, to create new meanings and sensorial stimuli for the viewer.


Inspired by contemporary art and practices, I am interested in further experimenting with sound and mass-produced materials as well as tackling issues of our global society, such as hybridisation and identity.