Pleasure Symbiosis



We are living organisms. We live in symbiosis. We are one complex unity.
We live as mater and spirit. We sync our bodies and souls.
We filter our daily experience through touch and thought.
Physical presence and consciousness in tandem.
In Symbiosis.

'Pleasure Symbiosis'
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 120.5 x 249 cm

So do my paintings.

The canvas breathes the Carbon and Hydrogen particles from the pigment, additives, solvent and
binder substances making up the acrylic plastic polymer. It also breathes through the thickness of
oil and its colouring pigments.
It bursts into life.

It naturally occurred in my painting process to introduce and then play with writing. As instinctive as my drawings and as freely as the surrealist and beat impulses of self-expression, writing brings a
new dimension to my paintings - subtle yet indicative of the meaning beneath my creative vision. Merging with the morphing shapes, fluid brushstrokes and vivid colour shades, words and symbols adorn the canvas.

'Pleasure Symbiosis'
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 120.5 x 249 cm (each)
In the Symbiosis series of artwork, I’ve explored the possibility of graphic language more,
especially for my paintings for the Art Miami fair, 3 - 8 December 2019 (Pleasure Symbiosis).
Words and dots; lines and cells - all dancing on a textured surface. Scribble-looking and playful, my paintings reveal my understanding of the self and the world in a light tone.
'Pleasure Symbiosis'
Acrylic on canvas, 185.5 x 160 cm