Packed Emptiness 
Unpacked fullness

Mixed media installation - a series of nine 

Polyurethane foam, plastic bags, mirror

‘Packed Emptiness & Unpacked Fullness’ captures the inherent paradox of the existence.


It represents the material manifestation of my intuition, stimulated by my physical encounter with the mirror.

I use polyurethane foam to emphasise the gaps and to mimic the bawl movement, a personal and simultaneously universal bodily experience.



Synthetic and transparent, the plastic packs wrap up the stomach-looking material like candy: suffocated and pink. They become an organic alternative to my canvas paintings. 

Installation view 'Packed Emptiness. Unp

In the mirror, I see myself there where I am not, in an unreal, virtual space that opens up behind the surface; I am over there, there where I am not, a sort of shadow that gives my own visibility to myself, that enables me to see myself there where I am absent. From the standpoint of the mirror I discover my absence from the place where I am since I see myself over there. 

- Michel Foucault, 1967

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